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Metro Atlanta, GA Home Energy Audits:
Home Performance Assessments

Home Performance is about healthier, longer lasting, comfortable, and energy efficient houses.  It depends on all the systems of the house working together to manage moisture, provide good indoor air quality, and control energy transfer.

Home performance programs offer home energy audits, consulting services, and home energy improvements, through home energy consultants and home performance contractors.

This website offers information at a variety of levels.  For homeowners new to the topic, this series of pages answers general questions about what to expect from a home performance improvement program:

Why Home Performance?
Home Performance Service Levels
Home Performance Assessments (Home Energy Audit)
Home Performance Solutions (Home Energy Solutions)
Home Performance Programs
Getting a Quote for a Home Energy Audit
Why Home Performance answers the question about why our houses have high utility bills and make us sick.  Additional articles are provided to explore the subjects of moisture control, indoor air quality, and energy transfer in more detail.  A broad overview is also provided about the state of our houses.

Home Performance Service Levels discuss a variety of home energy audit options and a range of consulting services available to improve your home.

Home Energy Audit describes the general audit process.  For those who are interested, the details of the various parts of the audit are discussed.  The energy concepts used in the evaluation are also available.  The range of options available to improve each area are provided.

Home Energy Solutions discuss the establishing targets to evaluate improvements made and the processes used to make them.

Home Performance Programs introduce the home performance programs (home energy programs) our company currently supports.  In the future, we will add more.

This site is educational for homeowners.  We know it takes time and several attempts to increase your understanding of home performance issues.  We’re still learning and we always will.  As we do, we’ll update this website and communicate it in our blogs. 

Get a Quote. Eventually, you just might get around to requesting a quote for a home energy audit.   We’ll be here when you're ready!