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Energy Services

Home InSight’s passion is healthy, long lasting, comfortable, and energy efficient dwellings: new and existing single-family house and multi-family buildings.

We help builders, remodelers, and contractors plan green building practices for their houses and provide consulting services throughout their projects. Our energy services include

• Energy Services Consulting • Diagnostic Testing • HVAC Design • Quality Assurance


Diagnostic Testing

Depending on the project, Home InSight uses a variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate a house. Typically, we offer air infiltration testing, duct leakage testing, combustion safety tests, thermography, and moisture evaluation.

We test building envelope air leakage with a Blower Door. A Duct Blaster is used for duct leakage. When gas water heaters or furnaces are present, we do combustion safety testing, including carbon monoxide, draft pressure, backdrafting (spillage), and equipment installation.

Simple HVAC tests are used to verify airflow and refrigerant charge. We use an infrared camera to help diagnosis air leakage, moisture, insulation, and other heat related issues. Moisture testing is done with moisture meters and digital psychrometers.

HVAC Design

Home InSight is does heating & cooling system design in cooperation with HVAC contractors. We produce Manual J Heat Load Calculations (Manual J Reports) and simple Manual D Duct Designs. We like crunching numbers to help HVAC contractors install high performance systems.

Modeling the heating & cooling characteristics is the first step in developing a high performance HVAC system. A Manual J report is a heat load calculation.

After an HVAC contractor picks equipment, we evaluate whether it will fit the house following Manual S Equipment Selection procedures.

Once the equipment and airflow requirements are, simple duct design is done according to Manual D, Duct Design. To get airflow in each room right, we apply Manual T, Air Distribution Basics principles to the duct design model.

Energy Services Consulting

Once diagnostic testing and HVAC design is complete, help is needed when things don’t go as planned. Rework is costly. We help builders, remodelers, and contractor achieve their goals with consulting at desired levels. We’ll help whether we did the diagnostic testing or HVAC design or not.

Home InSight’s business is to know green building program requirements and help builders, remodelers, and contractors implement them. We are not experts in every building discipline, but we usually know who to contact or where to start looking for help.

Our understanding of home performance grows with professional development and issues confronted in the field. We are heavily involved with existing houses to figure out how to avoid issues in new construction.

Quality Assurance

Home InSight is a Home Performance Technical Advisor for several green building programs. Major programs with support are EarthCraft, ENERGY STAR, and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. We can and do support others as well. Call for details.

Home InSight is a full-service home inspection company. Our base is rooted in Georgia’s building code. Any of our recommendations first meet building code requirements.

We evaluate houses according program standards for a variety of green building programs to help achieve certification within those programs. The program sponsors rely on us to ensure program requirements are met. As such, we are subject to quality assurance evaluations on any of our projects by our sponsors. Our oversight is provided by Southface Energy Institute for most of our energy services.